With the start of the new school year, the return to work and the daily worries, it is sometimes difficult to get back into the good mood and shape of the holidays. Sunshine is becoming rarer, cold and bad weather are gaining ground. It is essential to reconnect with oneself and to keep a good vital energy to face the obligations that are renewed day after day. Here are 10 tips to boost your energy level: 1 - Include a meditation practice in your daily life: Meditation is an excellent exercise to cut down on surrounding stress and establish the silence necessary for relaxation. Both passive and receptive, meditation helps to suppress mood disorders such as anxiety and anger, to promote a state of serene calm. 2 - Favour a diet rich in energy: this "good energy" is found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, soy, virgin olive oil and yeast-free bread. Foods rich in sugars and fats that weaken the body should be avoided. Alcohol also helps to lower energy levels. 3 - Work on positive thoughts: this can be done in a very simple way, by first becoming aware of all the thoughts that cross your mind throughout the day. Then, you can observe whether these thoughts contribute to making you feel better or, on the contrary, worse. The aim is to encourage those that promote good energy. 4 - Listening to music: yes, as the proverb says, "music softens morals". It also has soothing virtues and is good for the mood. However, not all music is good to hear... You should pay special attention to what a particular song evokes for you. We all have favourite songs that make us feel good. 5 - Fitting out your interior: you don't need to be an expert in feng shui to realize that the energy flow does not circulate properly in a house. Usually, the body realizes it by itself and makes us understand it by causing various disorders: insomnia, malaise, discomfort, unpleasant sensations... Make the changes that your heart dictates and see the improvement. 6 - Use the power of images: our brain is above all visual. In other words, it relies on images to build its reality. To raise your energy level, you can use graphic representations that evoke well-being, such as illustrations, drawings, paintings or photographs. To choose according to your sensitivity. 7 - Walking in nature: the benefits of going out in the great outdoors on morale are well established. Frequent walks in the forest or in positively charged places can be real explosions of well-being. The blood circulates better, the brain is oxygenated and the morale rises again. 8 - Doing an activity "for free": it's all about simply doing what you like, just for the gesture. It doesn't matter if this activity is paid or not. The important thing is that it gives you personal satisfaction, without expecting anything in return. It can consist of a few hours of volunteer work, writing or your passion. 9 - Surround yourself with people with positive energy: to do this, you can begin to become aware of the energies emitted by those around you: friends, family, colleagues. Get closer to people who are in a positive frame of mind and who communicate their good vibrations to you. 10 - Work on your intentions: the best thing to do is to write each of your intentions on a piece of paper and remember them as the day goes by. This will help you to refocus and channel the flow of your energy towards the achievement of the positive intention.