Are you interested in getting yourself the gemstone? You need to look no further. Online is the quickest and the most affordable place you can obtain this stone. Buy yourself one of these precious stones by visiting The stone, which when manufactured, the result is when felsic lava quickly cools with minimal crystals growing all over. It’s commonly obtained in the edges of rhyolitic lava flows. The stone has a mineral-like look because like glass, it can’t be completely crystalline. Though the rock is dark in colour, it contains silicon dioxide. In the olden days, the stone impacted the Mayan and Aztecs cultures. The rock was in much abundance in their region and was used to make much of their utensils. Here are some of the facts that are associated with stone:

  • Due to the sharpness of the object, the dark properties bring out the truth.
  • The Mayan prophets used these stones to polish mirrors to predict the future.
  • In the Mexican culture, it also called the itzli, which means the God of stone.
  • Native Americans used it in the making of the moai (the large stones located in Easter Island).

Occurrence of this Stone

It has a composition that is similar to granite which comes from the same magma where they are geographically associated with. Though found in various locations worldwide, it has become extremely rare over the years. Its glassy look can wear out through exposure to extreme heat. This rock has can be used as a cutting tool because of its shapely cutting edges. Due to this factor, this rock was used by the first humans. As it dates to the Stone Age period, they used it to make arrowheads, knife blades and scrapers. In the modern world, this stone is used in surgery. It produces thinned edges and even sharper surgical blades. They have a high accuracy in the performance of surgery and it is very effective to reduce mistakes.

The Varieties of the Stone

It’s a combination of various minerals. The composition of the various compounds found in the stone will determine the colour that the stone will have as a result. In this article, the uses of these stones are evident. It will give you an insight into the options you will consider before making your purchase.

  • Snowflake stones: happens when the crystallization process does not finish. It forms crystals with white droplets that resemble snowflakes.
  • Rainbow stones: these stones have beautiful rings which are caused by the natural chemical process i.e. when silicon gets in to contact with certain minerals.
  • Sheen stones: obtained when lava exposes to water.

These natural stones can be used to make jewellery. Though the natural stone jewellery is always prone to flaking and losing shape, these stones make beautiful artefacts.

Why would you use these Natural Stones

There are many different reasons why should choose the black occurring natural jewellery stone. These stones go through litho therapy which helps in the restructuring and cleansing of this energy body. Here are some of the reasons why you should use them.

1. Releasing of negativity from the daily vibes

To realize more emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, using the “black stones” will help to remove any negativity from life. There will require a reduction in anger, fear and resentment. It is famously known as the truth stone since it reveals secrets and answers questions concerning love and life matters. It can reconstruct some illusions and uncover lies to anyone who is in use of it. If you want to see some of the faults and weaknesses you have in your life, then this stone acts like a mirror that will project the negative attributes in your life. It’s easy to find these stone beads that will be combined with other naturally occurring stones and made even more beautiful to form stylish necklaces. Other colours manufactured to make these rocks include mahogany or snowflake.

2. Enhancing precognition

These stones have a high accumulation of energy that stimulates the presence of prophecy and ability to have high cognitive powers. These stones often help in meditation sessions. They help in regaining focus to boost your abilities as a human and also getting premonition messages. Realising various psychic abilities which will assure your spiritual focus and also obtain different levels of meditation. It is also useful in the receiving of clairvoyant gifts (seen as some of the psychic visions)

3. Healing properties of the black stone

These stones have strong healing energy. They are able to aid in some of the addiction problems, eating disorders and releasing of negative behaviour. They have proven to be of huge significance, especially in the healing of health issues that based on the past lives of a family, and they are now holding you back. Some healers presume that these stones are the cure of hardened arteries, joint pains arthritis and cramps. These stones help to release the amount of smog (emotional blockage) which ca be building up between the client and the healer. It releases the tension and therefore speeds up the healing process.

4. Making of jewellery

It is a popular gemstone that made into beautiful looking beads. They are increasingly famous for the manufacturers even though their durability is limited. It is not the perfect stone to make bracelets and rings since they are prone to be destroyed just by a scratch.

5. Realizing the myth of wealth creation

It is considered to be the stone of luck. In the presence of this stone, cleansing of bad energy that affects the decision-making. Handling your emotions makes the aura of a person pure. Being in control of these feelings will help in a better takeover of your emotional life.

6. To better the physical health

The stone can work well with the body to release toxins which will help eventually in better digestion. It helps in the removal of bacterial and viral infections. You can consider this as a cure for the issues associated with the alimentary canal.

7. Protection against mythical creatures

The stone has the psychic ability to protect a person from the mythical evil creatures i.e. vampires and spiritual entities. If occasionally these creatures disturb in the dreams, it will offer you with relief and bring out the tensions. It will enable you to let go and move forward with your life.

What kind of people should use these stones?

These stones can aid anybody who has negative attachments in their lives and unintentionally affected their emotional well-being and the capacity to live to their full potential. These attachments often relate to karmic ties and experiences in the past. It connects different people with those they closely associate with (most cases people they have been in a relationship with). Anybody interested in boosting the abilities of intuition and grounding yourself back to earth, the stones will provide comfort. It will reduce restlessness and being nervous in the way you go through daily activities. The stone will help in making you aware of your present self. Using these stones to cut cords in your life may be a risky way to put the stones work. Most people may not know how to use them in the right way. This may end up hurting your emotional health. Be careful when visualizing the links that you want to cut yourself from during the meditation process.

Final Thoughts

This stone has proven to be of great significance and putting them to use will offer boundless limitations. If you are someone looking to better your life, you should consider using this kind of energy. It helps in bringing out better attributes that will help in charging your personality.

These stones have a strong confronting vibration on the truth. They are very effective in their work to bring out an all-rounded human being. Remember that these stones are not always comfortable to work with and in the case of a problem, it’s best to use professional healers to help during the meditation and healing process.

Always remember that using these black stones for the spiritual release can be of great significance to let go of the past experiences. It also includes emotional relief, i.e. (fear, anger and resentment). As it may be a guide to have unconditional love and lead you to spiritual acceptance, these stones will be the answer to change your life for the better.