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Caramel carambars cupcakes

Carambars are also used to make amazing recipes

Carambars are chewy caramel candies which are very hard to eat. It is mostly famous for having jokes on the wrappers. You can always choose to modify your recipe and have amazing meals by incorporating this French candy. Be sure…

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Male seduction

The subject seems simple, limpid, basic and yet so many questions about seduction. At first, it seems appropriate to me to ask you THE essential question. “Why seduce a woman?”. Indeed, if you are not motivated and don’t know why…

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How to make the right decision?

We spend our days making decisions, even if we are not always aware of them. The higher the stakes of a decision, the more time we will need to make it. Doubts, hesitations, anxiety, the decision-making process can sometimes be…

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