The answer is yes! Almost all Dominican Republic golf courses have a pool to make the experience more appealing and enjoyable. In the heart of the Caribbean Sea lies the world’s best-golfing paradises. The Dominican Republic is well known for its turquoise coloured water and white sand beaches. Now, when this name pops up, most people think of some of the most stunning championship golf courses designed by the biggest names in the industry. Visit for more information about Dominican Republic golf resorts to enjoy your next vacation.

The locals’ unrivalled hospitality and fantastic climate combination make this amazing part of the world the best place to go golfing. You can enjoy different golfing resorts like Casa De Campo Resort, which offer 3 glorious golf courses, each with a unique golfing challenge, pool and stunning views. If it is a luxury or paradise experience you want, don’t struggle, The Dominican Republic golf resorts are here to the rescue.

Below are some golf courses with pools you need to consider in your next Dominican Republic vacation to get the best experience of your life.

Top Dominican Republic golf course resorts to visit

1. Hard Rock Club Cana Bay

Jack Nicklaus designed it. This golf course resort is a perfect example of what a remarkable and luxury place to stay looks like. The course takes advantage of flora and fauna, bringing out a perfect, beautiful blend of the island. The design ensures that it takes care of both players through stun challenges and social golfers.

It is among the best Dominical Republic golf resorts with many championship golf holes (18) and is perfect for the 19th hole. Guests and golfers can enjoy a beer with a perfect view with their partners. The hotel is among the top places to stay on the island, with a perfect pool site and onsite casino at the forefront. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to match your excellent golf skills, look no further than the amazing Hard Rock Hotel.

2. Bavaro Beach, The Lake Course

This Dominican Republic vacation resort is in front of one of the most amazing and picturesque beaches, where golfers can enjoy the view of the crystal blue water washing up onto white beach sand. The resort is the home of a stunning 18 holes golf course famously known as the Lakes, crafted by Pete Dye with additional features: 25 inland lakes, 122 bunkers, and stunning mangroves.

It might not be the longest Dominican Republic golf course, but it offers a great challenge to players of different abilities depending on the tee box used. The stunning setting of the resort and the course is enough to make your worst day the best round of golf.

3. Dye Force Course

This Casa De Campo course can challenge even the best golfer with drastic elevation changes that need accuracy throughout the rounds. Some holes are 300 feet above sea level, offering an unrivalled panoramic view of the surrounding island and the Caribbean Sea.

It is among the top Dominican Republic golf courses offering multiple tee boxes in typical resort fashion. The accommodation offered on top of the stunning golf courses makes the place perfect for an all-around golfing destination.

4. Corales Golf Club

Since its opening more than 10 years ago, Corales Golf Club has gained lots of strength and now is one of the best golf destinations in the Caribbean. Its immaculate condition and impeccable design make it the first Dominican Republic golf course to host a PGA Tour event.

The course resort extends to 7600 yards with a stunning coastline. This beautiful Dominican Republic vacation course is not for the faint-hearted unless you are willing to take unforgettable golf rounds.

5. Casa De Campo

They say save the best bit for last! Teeth of the Dog of Casa De Campo course is at the top of this list and the best in the entire Caribbean. The sheer cliff faces are reminiscent of some of the greatest coastal golf courses in the world. 7 of the holes in Casa De Campo were claimed by Pete Dye. The name is very apt, enough to challenge the best golfer out.

In a Nutshell

Do you love golfing during all your vacations? Consider the Dominican Republic golf resorts to have the time of your life. The Dominican Republic is well-known for its amazing golf vacation resorts that will leave guests satisfied and yearning for more even after leaving. Visit some of the above resorts, if not all, and enjoy the best view and pools and have unforgettable moments with the best golfers worldwide.