We spend most of our days in business. It is therefore essential to have a job that motivates us and gives us the satisfaction necessary to perform that job. So, how do we find out what makes the heartstrings vibrate? How do you find the job that would give you smiles and gratitude every morning instead of the usual gloomy awakenings, especially in winter?
  1. State of desires

The first step in the process of looking for your dream job is to list your desires, what you enjoy doing. To become aware of your full potential, you can make a list of 10 successful actions in your life. Think of those times when you felt pride and satisfaction in the work you've accomplished. These actions may have occurred at work or in your spare time. The most important thing is that they make you aware of your resources. You have already been able to meet challenges and attract success, you will be able to repeat the experience.
  1. State of play

The second step is to list 10 qualities that you already have and 10 others that you feel you lack. The objective is to identify the keys to success and acquire additional resources. You have your dream job in mind, you know your strengths and you are aware of your areas for improvement. At this stage, you will need one or more references to develop the resources you need. Look around you, at your friends, your family, your colleagues, look for people who possess the qualities you are developing. Find inspiration from them to assimilate their behaviour. It is not a question of copying their personality but of learning from them and transcribing their "know-how" with your own sensitivity.
  1. Creative visualization

Now that you have summoned your successes and identified the resources to be acquired, you will describe your dream job. Write down everything that comes into your head, the important thing is to give substance to this desire. Give as many details as possible, you can even have fun imagining the ideal office, the ideal place, the ideal salary... You can also use photos and illustrations. All means are good to make the intention you have to find the job you are really made for come true. In the field of the Law of Attraction, intention is king. If you can project your whole being towards this job, it will come naturally to you. Be true to yourself and the result will follow. The sine qua non condition is to keep a positive state of mind and to be convinced that you will manage to live according to your deepest aspirations. To make progress in thinking about happiness and professional activity, you can consult the book below: "Joy at work - A revolutionary approach to having fun at work" by Denis Bakke.