For a very long-time, the gemstone has been used for different purposes by humans. These stones have a very long history from the times of ancient kings and queens till now. These natural stones were mainly used to represent wealth or power in the past, and only those in high places like kings and queens would possess such gems. But nowadays, anyone can own a precious mineral stone by buying it online through Of all the uses of gemstones, from making weapons to being worn as natural stone jewellery, the most fascinating use is using them for litho therapy or healing. These precious stones have a positive energy that gives them healing properties.

Some of The Benefits Expected from Healing Gemstones

  • Healing. Some gems are believed to have healing energy within, and they can be transferred to your body and relieve pain offer strength.

  • Improved connections. Some healing gemstones improve your concentration, which in turn helps you connect with your inner consciousness. With this precious stone, you get a deeper understanding of the happenings around you and the things that never made sense in the past.

  • Soothing effects. If you are uneasy, nervous or anxious, some believe wearing some healing stones can take all this away by soothing the mind and body with positive vibes bringing about relaxation.

  • Cleansing.It is believed if a wearer has some negative energy, wearing the right healing gemstone cleans them off the negative energy and fill them with positive ones.

Gemstones with Healing Properties

Numerous gemstones provide different litho therapy benefits to the body. Below is a list of the most common stones and what they heal.

1.Rose quartz

This gem stone is one of the most popular, thanks to its healing properties. It is mainly associated with love but also gives the one possessing it some gentle and soothing energy that brings calmness. The rose-coloured gemstone helps heal those who are heartbroken and can also help restore harmony and trust in a rocky relationship, mending the connections between loved ones. This gem stone works best and gives you the most advantages when placed on a pendant and worn around the neck.


This is a stunning purple gemstone that possesses the properties of a natural tranquillizer. It helps reduce anxiety and stress, and by that, it brings a significant boost in the wearer’s health. Another benefit of having this stone is that it can relieve insomnia as it induces sleep. It also helps in the balancing of metabolisms by aiding and boosting hormone production in the body. The benefits of this stone don’t just end there; it also strengthens the immune system by purifying the blood. The stone does not have to be worn in a specific place. You benefit from both its spiritual and physical healing properties as long as you have it.


By looking at its ocean colour, one can easily conclude that this is one of the most beautiful gemstones available. These are the largest cut gemstones since they naturally occur in huge sizes. One benefit of this stone is that it reduces confusion by filling you with courage and calmness. It is also perfect for self-expression and meditation if you look for calmness in these ways. The benefits in the physical body are also numerous. The stone can help improve digestion and help treat conditions that affect the teeth and eyes and even help relieve various allergies.

This precious mineral can be of great help during pregnancies, thanks to its protective properties that boost the health of the mother and baby and reduce the chances of a miscarriage.

4.Clear quartz

Nicknamed the master healer, this gemstone can play a significant role in the owner’s health. First, it helps remove the toxins from various organs in the body to cleanse the immune system, thus giving the body some balance and tranquillity. With this, one gets to be more energetic and can think straight since the thoughts are clear. Second, clear quartz plays its healing role perfectly by eliminating the negative energy that affects one’s body emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. All these bring the body all the balance that it needs to be healthy.


This fiery red gemstone is mainly associated with boosting the body’s immune system and increasing energy levels. All these benefits are experienced because the stone is said to re-energize and cleanse the chakras. Some benefits of this mineral stone on the body is that it strengthens the bones and treats bone complications and disorders, plus it plays a big role in DNA regeneration. Because of its fiery red colour, it is also said to help with love matters and inspire devotion. When worn as natural stone jewellery, it strengthens one’s confidence and courage.


Pearls are some of the most beautiful and rare naturally occurring precious stones. These precious stones have been used for ages as a sign of wealth and medicinal purposes. Pearls are said to help those who have problems getting sleep. They do this by bringing back the balance and natural rhythm of the heart and body and, as a result, reduce one’s stress. For one’s physical well-being, pearls can help reduce bloating and also help reduce the pains of childbirth. In recent years, it was discovered that pearl also helps in improving your skin health and accelerates regeneration.


This is one precious stone that has several benefits when it comes to its healing and protective properties. This gem is said to shield the one wearing or holding it against physical and emotional negativity. It also helps in unblocking any emotional, spiritual or mental blockages and gives one great qualities like courage, clarity and strength compassion, which leads one to find their true self. Physically, it helps in digestion, healing the body, cleansing and detoxifying organs and helps in reducing various pains of the body. In women, it helps relieve pains when giving birth and also reduces cramps.


This is one stone that does not disappoint in any way, just like its name. This mineral stone plays a role in cleansing the blood by removing any negative energy from it and improving its circulation in the body. In addition to cleansing the blood, the beautiful mineral gives one good qualities like being creative and selfless. It helps one to live within a moment and enjoy every bit of it. The stone is also said to help one attain calmness and removes any negative feelings of irritability and impatience. With cleansed blood, one gets to experience fresh bursts of energy all over the body since toxins have been removed.


Tourmaline occurs in different colours, and all of them are said to have health benefits to the human body. Generally, these gems are very good in improving or boosting a person’s mental health. Breaking these natural stones down, the pink tourmaline can help instil courage by reducing fear. The black tourmaline is excellent for relieving one from stress and anxiety, while the watermelon one helps to boost one’s self-esteem. The blue one is helpful for spiritual development. To the body, the green one can raise stamina and leave you energized, while the brown one is good for stopping or overcoming addictions of any kind.

How Do Gemstones Help The Body Litho Therapeutically?

Gemstones contain minerals that match those found in the human body. Therefore, when one wears them, hold them or puts them close, their healing properties act on the body’s senses. The healing stone properties inject its minerals on the part of the body it is placed, bringing a change in the energy pulses and movements, depending on the stone's power. The healing effects one feels vary depending on various factors like the type of healing stone used and even the size of the stone.

Having a larger gemstone may work much faster and more effectively because they emit more significant vibrations and more minerals that provide a quicker and better result when healing someone. Other factors that may affect the healing properties of a precious stone include its colour, the mineral levels in the body and the mineral levels in the stones.

Energy Transfer and Healing

When a gemstone possessing healing properties is placed on the skin, it creates a unique frequency that relaxes and regulates the nerves, thus reducing the stress and inflammation one is experiencing. The stone can also remove the negative energy when absorbed, thus leaving you filled with positive energy. With the energy recharge from the stone’s virtues, you can get power into your mind and body. When the energy in the body is misaligned, leaving you feeling negative, the precious healing stone’s repelling and attracting properties align the energy the way it should be, thus restoring the energy balance in the body and bringing about healing.