The aura is an electromagnetic field distributed all around the body. Most often, this luminous contour is composed of several colours that vary according to certain elements such as the mood of the person or his state of health. Invisible to the naked eye, except for initiates, the aura is nonetheless a living energy, present in humans but also in animals and plants. Each of us therefore possesses an aura. We can see it, know it and perhaps even use it for medical purposes.

The colours of the aura

Red = red for the aura designates an assertive, passionate personality, in love with life. Depending on its shade, red can be a sign of anger, hatred, feelings that are difficult for the person to control. Red is also the colour of the vital energy, linked to the alignment of the main chakras. A pale red aura indicates anxiety, irritability and difficulty in managing sensitivity. A dark red aura shows a certain aggressiveness. Orange = an orange aura indicates a person who favours harmonious relationships, in his or her own image. It is the colour of balance par excellence, situated between red and yellow. This colour is often linked to the mother, to the nurturing function, as it governs the umbilical chakra. A pale orange aura indicates a lack of letting go in actions, a generosity that is not always spontaneous. A bright orange aura indicates a total commitment in the gift of self, a frank and uncalculated generosity. Yellow = a yellow aura is the sign of a gentle, kind, generous personality. It also indicates a great open-mindedness, wisdom and an intelligence based on curiosity. Yellow is the colour of magnetism and self-confidence. Generally speaking, it is the sign of intense cerebral activity. A pale yellow aura indicates a person who has difficulty asserting his or her opinions. A bright yellow aura indicates a very good mind, a quick-witted person. Green = Green is the colour of healing, of caring for oneself and others. Many magnetizers and healers have green in their aura. It is the colour of renewal, degeneration, fertility. A pale green aura indicates a tendency to greed, envy, lack and limitation. A bright green aura invites the sharing of knowledge related to healing, to the healing power of speech, to exchange with others. Blue = a blue aura is the sign of a spiritual personality, in a religious sense. It indicates the sense of sharing, respect for values, the search for equity in all things. A pale blue aura indicates a personality that lives in doubt and has difficulty believing in its own abilities. A bright blue aura indicates a strong interest in the mysteries of life and the universe. Violet = a violet aura is a sign of a developed spirituality and an interest in psychic faculties. The person is able to perceive other planes of consciousness and has access to hidden knowledge. Violet corresponds to the coronal chakra which is the seat of the divine channel. A pale violet aura indicates an incipient attraction to spiritual and religious matters. A bright violet aura indicates advanced spirituality. White = White is the color of fulfillment of being. This color also indicates psychic and spiritual protection around the person.

See the aura

To see the aura, there are two simple exercises to perform. Exercise 1: to be done with a "guinea pig". Ask the person to stand in front of a solid-coloured wall, preferably white. Observe the whole body, you can focus on the head and shoulders because the aura is usually more visible on these parts. Don't focus on one particular place, try to capture the whole. After a few minutes you should see a whitish outline around the body. This is the first layer of the aura, it changes color during the observation. Exercise 2: Place your hand above a white sheet of paper, about 30 centimetres away, palm upside down, and observe the outline of your fingers. You should perceive a kind of mist, this corresponds to the aura.

Healing with the aura

Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov has designed a revolutionary device capable of projecting the electromagnetic field of the human body onto a computer screen. Based on the measurement of light emissions from each of our fingers and their correspondence with our organs, he would be able to detect the excesses and deficiencies of energy responsible for certain diseases. The next generation of medical diagnosis and treatment is on its way, as Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technology will also help prevent certain body malfunctions. Alternative healing methods, such as reiki or healing with magnetism, will be tested by simply comparing the energy state of the subject before and after treatment. The technology has already received approval from the health authorities in Russia. It should soon be available in other countries.