The subject seems simple, limpid, basic and yet so many questions about seduction. At first, it seems appropriate to me to ask you THE essential question. "Why seduce a woman?". Indeed, if you are not motivated and don't know why you do things, you risk going back to square one with more disillusionment. Once you have found your answers to this basic question, you are ready and inclined to deploy all your seduction assets. Imagine the scene: you're on the terrace of a café, the weather is nice, women are walking around, one of them is sitting next to you and you don't know how to approach her.

Your 1st asset: the image

Your appearance is by definition what you transmit first, be careful to be neat, elegant without adding to it, irreproachable hygiene and be as natural as possible, at ease in what you transmit. Your body language, your behaviour make sense, don't forget it!

Your 2nd asset: the smile

How can you resist a smiling and kind man?

Your 3rd asset: humor

Bringing a question with a little relevance to the corner of your eye indicates an interest and at the very least the desire to communicate. Don't forget that women are very sensitive to humour in general, not the heavy and coarse one, but the subtle, refined, joyful, natural one.

Your 4th asset: originality

Be original but not too original. Don't add to it, it's useless to talk about yourself for 10 minutes, a question deserves an answer, an answer deserves a second question so as to continue the conversation, without giving the opportunity to this charming woman to slip away or to stand there because you won't have been able to listen to her and interest her. Practical exercises : You pass a woman you like on the street... "Miss, may I ask if you know where the "UNTEL" bookstore is... ...or the "nearest cinema"..." Here you are, a cultured man who likes to go can be nice... and above all it will allow you to get more information about the route, the last movie, the last book... the door is open, the rest is yours. You're on the train, your passenger intrigues you... Excuse me, Madam, I don't want to bother you but I'm going to Lille, do you know the city? Or "Do you know, Madame, if this train has a bar car? » Don't attack it head-on, be generalist but open to communication, the rest will become de facto if the person in front of you is inclined to talk to you... or not!! accept that he or she has no desire to talk to you, that's part of the game! You come across a woman staring at you with her beautiful blue eyes... Give him a smile, not the one of the inveterate flirt... Your charm will be enough, smile and do not hesitate to approach this pretty person by simply saying "I just wanted to tell you that you have beautiful eyes". If the woman throws revolvers at you, go on your way, she doesn't like compliments, if on the contrary, she smiles at you, go on, dare, dare, the bait is done, enjoy it! Never be heavy, vulgar, aggressive, it's all in the way of doing things. It remains to find the right measure and accept failure. If it worked every time, dating sites would have a few worries to worry about. Gentlemen, dare, dare, dare ! Since the appearance of an ever-increasing communication, I have noticed that the simple fact of approaching a woman is sometimes part of the fighter's journey. What can I say to propose ? Sharing a drink or a dinner doesn't put you in danger, gentlemen. At best, a nice evening, at worst, a one-night stand... What women tell me is "I don't understand, we've been chatting for months and he still hasn't asked me out on a real date". I have a good desire to continue our relationship but after a first date very enthusiastic, more sound, more image ! What's going on, gentlemen? What are you afraid of? Of being wrong? To take a "jacket" ? Ah obviously if you don't dare, you won't risk having a heartache ! If you leave positive, motivated, happiness could be there! Be a happy loser, tomorrow is another day... Gallantry, good manners and delicacy remain true values to which women are sensitive. A man who opens the car door for you, brings you a bouquet of flowers, remembers to warn you if he is late, and so on. These are just a few examples of a courteous education. You feel that a complicity is developing, so go ahead, suggest going to a movie next week, eating an ice cream, going for a walk, there's no shortage of ideas when you want to "carry on"! Don't forget the little signs of interest which, when they are renewed, create a climate of security and allow you to let go and move forward in the relationship.

How do you overcome your fears?

There is no decision without renunciation, so decide if you want to be a couple and you will see that renouncing your freedoms as a single man won't be that painful to live with. Dare to approach a woman, dare to tell her about your attraction, dare to invite her for a drink or better yet for dinner, dare to admit that it won't always be easy, dare to accept that she is not as enthusiastic as you are. There is nothing worse than wanting and not acting. This leads to frustration that can eventually become bitter towards the woman. When you have started a first date, give yourself time, don't get excited but continue to date in different situations in life. It is not urgent to introduce her to your children, the family and already choose the color of the bathroom! Take advantage of the time shared by both of you, enjoy this little cocoon that is your story together. Finally, gentlemen, you should know that here as in many events in life, nothing is ever easy and acquired. However, does not acting anymore make you happy? Doesn't going home alone in the evening when you are dying for a relationship between two of you be worth a little effort to regain your seductive talents?